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The Evolution of “Social Stories 4 Kids”

Author Heather Androsoff - Social Stories 4 Kids

Heather first started creating social stories at the beginning of her teaching career to support a few of her kindergarten students. Some of these students were designated as having special needs, such as Autism or ADHD, and were in need of some early intervention support. Others struggled with social skills, positive behaviour, self-esteem, or self-regulation at school. The social stories that Heather created for these students outlined expectations for safe, respectful, appropriate, and friendly behaviour at school. The simple text and visuals in these social stories made these resources approachable and accessible for kids. With the help of these social stories, Heather’s students learned to follow the rules and routines and become more independent through repetition and practice. The strategies included in these social stories assisted children in developing self-awareness and self-regulation skills; they helped children know what to expect and adapt to change. These stories became an important classroom management tool. With the help of these stories, children learned to develop positive relationships and friendships with peers by decreasing their negative behaviours and acquiring new competencies such as conversation skills, cooperation skills, and play skills.

Over time, Heather discovered that her social stories could benefit other elementary school students as well. Heather found success using social stories when working with the early learners, emerging readers, and English language learners in her class. Given that these social stories compliment the early learning curriculum so well, Heather has used these social stories for whole class lessons to support the social-emotional learning goals and objectives commonly found in early childhood education programs, such as learning about feelings and making friends. In addition, the virtues, morals, and life skills embedded in these social stories have helped Heather to instil social responsibility in her students. Sharing these social stories with caregivers has allowed Heather to work with families and build a class community that values diversity and inclusion.

Heather has written over 100 social stories to educate children and families in the 21st century. The knowledge and skills embedded in these stories aim to foster the learning, growth, and development of healthy, happy kids!

A Message From The Author

Social Stories 4 Kids was created in the summer of 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 resulted in a sudden need for resources to support the public during unprecedented times. I am pleased at how my social stories have been able to help so many people in its first year of business. These stories have evolved into a warm, friendly and relatable tool to help children (ages 2-8), educators, teachers, counsellors, parents, families, school communities, preschools, childcare centres, organizations, and businesses. These products can be viewed electronically as digital resources or printed out for classroom teaching, online learning, special education support, homeschooling, parenting, and as part of community programming. I’m excited to see how Social Stories 4 Kids will continue to grow and serve others!”

– Heather Androsoff
Owner, Social Stories 4 Kids


Leslie testimonial

“These social stories are clear and concise, with great examples and images. They are perfect for the students that I work with.”
– Leslie Brown, Educational Assistant, Burnaby School District

Matt, parent testimonial

“These stories are great for my two kids, who are 5 and 7 years old. As I am reading, my kids are engaged and keen to jump in with their own examples and personal connections to the concepts.”
– Matt Martel, Parent, Burnaby


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SOGI Education:

FREE Stories about School and Life During COVID-19… Enjoy!

This collection of free digital social stories was written to support families as they work to provide a safe and fun summer for their children during the pandemic. In addition, these stories may assist teachers and parents as they transition children into the upcoming school year during COVID-19.

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The Virtual Terry Fox Run

Heather Androsoff was recently featured on CityTV news for this year’s 40th anniversary virtual Terry Fox run news coverage story. This video introduces her social story, “The Terry Fox Run.” Teach your kids about the life and legacy of one of Canada’s greatest heroes with the help of this resource for young children.