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The Virtual Terry Fox Run

Heather Androsoff was recently featured on CityTV news for this year’s 40th anniversary virtual Terry Fox run news coverage story. This video introduces her social story, “The Terry Fox Run.” Teach your kids about the life and legacy of one of Canada’s greatest heroes with the help of this resource for young children.

The Evolution of “Social Stories 4 Kids”

Author Heather Androsoff - Social Stories 4 Kids

During her first few years of teaching Kindergarten, Heather discovered that some of her students needed direct, ongoing teacher support with social skills and self-regulation. These students were either designated as having special needs, such as Autism or ADHD, or they were undiagnosed. In many cases Heather found herself without the support of an Educational Assistant to help her in the classroom. She found it challenging to support the students under her care who were struggling throughout the school day to successfully interact socially with others, play with their peers, manage their emotions, transition from one activity to another or from one place to another, and display safe and cooperative behavior at school.

Heather started creating visuals for these students and experienced some success with this. She decided to put some of the concepts into a simple story format and this worked well. These social stories were Heather’s interpretation of a resource that she thought could support her struggling students. She learned to introduce the social stories to the students when they were in a calm state and therefore more receptive. She sent the stories home so that families could become familiar with the concepts and similar language cues could be used at school and at home.

In time, Heather’s social stories became a tool that she was able to use when particular students were having difficult moments or needed re-directing. As she worked to connect these students with their peers, she found that when the social stories were read with students and their friends, friends were able to provide the support and understanding that these students needed from their peers.

Next Heather began to experiment with reading the stories to the whole class. Many of her students were English language learners who needed visual cues and simple text for ease of understanding. The simplicity of the stories was a good fit for the emerging readers in the class. The social and emotional concepts covered seemed to benefit all students in that age group. It was then that Heather decided to use the social stories that she had written as a core part of her social and emotional curriculum.

Heather began to write with a broader scope in mind knowing that her social stories could serve a more diverse student population than originally intended. She shared these stories with Educational Assistants and Primary Teachers in the school. Often her colleagues would come to her with special requests for new stories to be written for a specific need. Before she knew it, Heather had written over 100 social stories! With so many stories to offer, Heather decided it was time to start her own business.

A Message From The Author

Social Stories 4 Kids was created in the summer of 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 resulted in a sudden need for resources to support the public during unprecedented times. I am pleased at how my social stories have been able to help so many people in its first year of business. These stories have evolved into a warm, friendly and relatable tool to help children (ages 2-8), educators, teachers, parents, families, school communities, organizations, and businesses. I’m excited to see how Social Stories 4 Kids will continue to grow and serve others!”

– Heather Androsoff
Owner, Social Stories 4 Kids


Leslie testimonial

“These social stories are clear and concise, with great examples and images. They are perfect for the students that I work with.”
– Leslie Brown, Educational Assistant, Burnaby School District

Matt, parent testimonial

“These stories are great for my two kids, who are 5 and 7 years old. As I am reading, my kids are engaged and keen to jump in with their own examples and personal connections to the concepts.”
– Matt Martel, Parent, Burnaby


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FREE Stories about School and Life During COVID-19… Enjoy!

This collection of free digital social stories was written to support families as they work to provide a safe and fun summer for their children during the pandemic. In addition, these stories may assist teachers and parents as they transition children into the upcoming school year during COVID-19.