• Activities I Can Do At Home
  • All Kids Belong
  • Appropriate Touching At School
  • Activities I Can Do At Home
  • All Kids Belong
  • Appropriate Touching At School
  • Activities I Can Do At Home
  • All Kids Belong
  • Appropriate Touching At School

Activities I Can Do At Home
All Kids Belong
Appropriate Touching At School
Arriving On Time For School
Being A Good Sport
Being Considerate Of Others
Being Happy Feels Good
Being Honest At School
Being Kind To Others
Caring For My School
Cooperative Play At School
Crying At School
Diversity At School
Doing My Best Work At School
Dressing For The Weather
Exploration Time At School
Families Are Different
Feeling Safe At School
Following The Rules At School
Going On A Field Trip
Going On A Playdate
Going Skating With My Class
Going To Preschool During COVID-19
Going To The Doctor’s Office
Going To The Hair Salon
Going To The Pumpkin Patch
Handling Change
Having A Bad Day
Having A Conversation
Having A Growth Mindset
Having A Playdate
I Am Confident
I Am Grateful
I Am Special
I Can Be A Good Friend
I Can Be An Ally At School
I Can Be Flexible
I Can Be Safe At School
I Can Choose Who I Let Influence Me
I Can Focus At School
I Can Practice Mindfulness
I Can Show Self-Control At School
I Can Sleep In My Own Bed
I Can Use My Words At School
I Can Wonder About The World
I Love My Dad
I Love My Family
I Love My Mom
I’m Going To A Birthday Party!
It’s Fall!
It’s Halloween!
It’s Okay To Make Mistakes
It’s Sports Day!
It’s Spring!
It’s Summer!
It’s Thanksgiving!
It’s Winter!
Learning About Personal Space
Learning About Private Parts
Learning At Home During COVID-19
Learning To Be Friendly To Others
Learning To Be Independent At School
Listening To Others At School
Lunch Time At School
Making New Friends
Managing Germs At School
Managing My Energy At School
My Family Is Moving
My Glasses
My Reading Class
My Teachers Are In Charge
Orange Shirt Day
Participating At School
Physical Distancing During COVID-19
Pink Shirt Day
Playing At School
Privacy At School
Quiet Time At School
Recess Time At School
Remembrance Day
Riding In The Car
Riding On The Bus
Riding On The Skytrain
Screen Safety
Sitting At The Carpet
Snack Time At School
Spending Time WIth Nature
Spitting Is Not Okay!
Staring The School Year During COVID-19
Staying Home At The Start Of The School Year During COVID-19
Taking Care Of Planet Earth
Taking Care Of Things At School
Taking Responsibility
Taking Turns On The Playground
Thank You, Helpers!
The Terry Fox Run
Things That I Can Control
Trying New Things
Waiting Patiently At School
Walking In A Line At School
Washing My Hands At School
We Are All Equal
Wearing My Mask During COVID-19
What Families Do
What Hands Are For
When A New Baby Arrives
When A Pet Dies
When I Am Sick
When I Feel Anxious
When I Go To Daycare
When I Have A Bad Dream
When I Hear Loud Noises
When I Miss My Family
When I Miss My Friends
When I Play Sports
When I Want To Take A Break
When It’s My Birthday!
When Parents Separate
When Problems Happen At School
When Someone Dies
Whining At School
Words Are Powerful
Working Towards Reconciliation